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fe_fest's Journal

Fire Emblem Challenge Fest
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So what is this anyways?

fe_fest is challenge community along the lines of springkink and the fandom secret santa exchanges, intended to share ideas to get writing started. At the moment we're still setting up, but hopefully in the future, it will rotate between secret exchanges, prompt sharing, bi-monthly challenges....stuff like that.

How does it work?

That would vary depending on the actual challenge involved. There's secret santa rounds, there'd be prompt submissions and claiming ala springkink, theme months... before the next round is due, I'll make a poll allowing people to choose the next theme.

Currently the schedule is four large seasonal special rounds, with mini-rounds interspersed between to keep love for the fandom alive and strong ♥


The biggest rule is to play nice. FE has a certain history of having large amounts of pairing wank which hits all corners of the fandom, and we don't want that here. Complaining that there's too much of a pairing, that you don't like het/slash/yuri, that there's too much het/slash/yuri is not allowed.

By joining in, you agree to scroll and leave it at "my kink is not your kink." Any complaining of that sort should be relegated to your messenger of choice, email or your lj. If someone harasses you, or another issue arises, PM me and I'll get to it right away.

Other rules are fairly simple enough. Fic or art should be written for these challenges specifically, and not older fics which happened to fit the theme well. You are, however, welcome to link to old fic in the margins of your entry.

There is no penalty for dropping out, as we all have lives and things get hectic every once in a while.


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