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Good news: Samuraiter has taken over moderating the fest. However, because of the current upheaval on LJ, it's being moved to fe-fest.dreamwidth.org. Right now things like the timeline are being reconsidered, and he's going to make some changes with the prompt list.

Please join the DW community and stay tuned for more.

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Round 5 prompts
tried to reach deep
As usual, the prompt list is split into het/gen and slash/poly and divided by game from to keep the lists from being unmanageable. However, FE 4/5, 1/3/11/12 and 13 aren't divided this way given that they're too small at the moment.

Usually I mark them with (N), however I refrained this round, considering that I felt it needed more differentiation. However, I didn't figure out the actual method until I'd sorted all the prompts, so next round should have each new set of prompts marked with the round number. Also new this round is the claims will be put on a separate post.

-Comment here saying what you want to claim. Claims will remain open until the round ends on September 24th, so don't worry if you're swamped with finals or something.

-You can claim as many as you want.

-You can claim your own prompts, if you want.

-Art claims are just as welcome as fic claims.

-There is no penalty for defaulting, or late entries.

-There is no limit of how many times a prompt can be claimed.

-You can post it in parts if the plotbunny goes awry.

-The minimum wordcount is 100; there is no maximum.

-You can co-write a claim with someone, just let me know along the way and I'll list you as coauthors.

Also note that if you're shy and want to remain anonymous, you can claim anonymously, and email me at seneai (at) yahoo.com and comment anonymously letting me know. You're also welcome to put it up to ff.net (or AO3, etc.) instead and crosspost it over.

If you have a question about what a prompter wanted with a specific prompt, just ask here and I'll try and PM them (at least, if they were signed in. I'm afraid I can't help with anons.)

The new prompts are listed with an for those people who just want the new stuff. You can just search and find to go through them that way.

As last round, the prompts are sorted alphabetically by het/gen and femme/slash/poly to keep the lists from being unwieldy.

Onto the prompts!

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Round 5 prompt post and rules
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Prompts will be accepted from now until the 24th. There is no need to repost prompts from earlier rounds, as of last round's prompts that weren't written will be reposted and ready to claim this year as well.

You can comment here (or on the DW post) to leave your prompts.

You can also leave them in the ask box on tumblr, but between the limits and tumblr's habit of losing messages entirely, it may not get through.

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[Fill] Because You Know Me

Title: Because You Know Me
Series: Binding Blade, FE6
Characters: Gale, Miledy, Zeiss, Percival (appearances from Wendy and Lilina)
Pairing: Gale/Miledy
Rating: G
Word count: 4,083
Summary: Instead of staying to find out what General Murdock wanted, Gale purposefully avoided the messenger from Ilia to help a young wyvern rider in danger. (AU)
Prompt: Fire Emblem 6, Gale/Miledy - AU where he defected/was able to be recruited

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[fill] Sealed in Silence

Title: Sealed in Silence
Series: Pre-Game Elibe, (FE6/7)
Characters: Bramimond, Roland, Durban, Hanon, Athos, Hartmut, Elimine, Barigan
Pairing: Bramimond/All (asexual, but romantic)
Rating: T
Word count: 7,825
Summary: Bramimond has been walking through the void for longer than they can remember. Probably not before the war began, but certainly for a long time. These are the friends they love and remember.
Prompt: FE7, Bramimond -- Their descent into losing themselves

Warnings: Mention of genocide (of dragons on Valor), not Hasha compliant in the slightest

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[fill] Searching

Title: Searching
Game: Blazing Sword (FE7) - Alternate Universe
Characters: Vaida, Karla
Word Count: 3,762
Prompt: Vaida/Karla - Coffee shop AU
Summary: Vaida was fired for having union sympathies--which she didn't, she just respected the law. Karla was searching for missing brother--but she couldn't because her car broke down. They met at their workplace and go from there.

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[fill] A Generation Later
Title: A Generation Later
Game: Pre-Game Sacred Stones (FE8)
Characters: Myrrh, Morva
Word Count: 2,055
Prompt: FE8 - Myrrh, Morva - playtime in the Darkling Woods (gen, fluff)
Summary: A human generation has passed since the Demon King was sealed and Morva has his talons full with a recently awakened hatchling.
Warning: Some mentions of blood and gore when it comes to Myrrh's feeding

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[Fill] Like a Brother

Title: Like a Brother
Game: Pre-Game Blazing Sword (FE7)
Characters: Limstella, Nergal, Kishuna, Renault
Word Count: 2,486
Prompt: FE7, Limstella -- A rare emotion
Warnings: Emotional abuse, casual approach to murder
Summary: Morphs do not have anything that Lord Nergal does not give them. When Limstella witnesses one going beyond what he was given, the sight triggers something new and horrific within the eldest morph.

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[fill] What a Good Day Looks Like

Title: What a Good Day Looks Like
Game: Pre-Game Binding Blade (FE6)
Characters: Guinivere, Zephiel, Desmond, Hellene, Brenya, Murdock
Word Count: 5,496
Prompt: FE6 - Guinivere (gen)—Coping with her family situation.
Warnings: Emotional abuse through parental manipulation, isolation, witnessed physical abuse
Summary: One summer Guinivere was invited on a royal tour of Etruria with her older brother.

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